Oh, dear.

I'm totally screwed because of you. you are a perfect strangers for me.
And even my self can't describe this feeling. how can i describe it? you were someone that really distract me from where I stand, you are the magnets that made my eyes really love to see you. and there's something inside of me that want to know about you more and more. and there's something inside of me that just hold me back. Oh dear, you're so far for me to reach.
2009, Mia Amalina


Dedicated to the PowerPuffs!

Hey! Let me introduce you to the powerpuffs! hihi okay, so here it is, Ketty as Blossom--the pinky one, Ditha as a Buttercup--the greeny one, and Me as Bubbles--the yellowy one.
They're my girls :p We love each other hihihihi love you, sisters.

Heavenly Blush-ing
With Kak Putri
It's us
@Death by Chocolate
This is Caesar, announcer at Prambors Radio (I bet you all know him)

Actually, there is much more that I could write about us, I mean, the powerpuffs, I have a lots of story that you all have to know, I've been through that sad, happy, and others feeling with them. Uhm, we have about 2 same clothes, and we're just ordered a powerpuffs t's hihi :D I've been through how hard it was, how tired it was to make a documentary film.
And, all I've got to say to my loveeey girls is that I love you, and I really do. I felt really sorry about the egoism, and all the bad habits in me.
I felt sorry if we had an argument and some of us has to feel dissapointed. I'm so sorry.
And, thank you for always make my day. Thank you for always cheering me up. Thank you for always heard what I said. Thank you for being a very good listener. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for everything that you do for me. Thank you very very much for being the nicest friends, Oups, I mean, thank you very very much for being the greatest, the funniest, and the lovable sister for me, I know this words maybe doesn't mean anything to you. But It's mean something for me.
I love you both, and I really do.

Your Sister,


It's rsm!

Ok, first of all, I want to say sorry for the very very late post about my old classmates on junior high. But, I don't know why I don't really care how late it is, I just want to post about rsm again and again. There is no way I could be bored when I'm talking about my rsm.

This is us!

So, we met at Burger & Grill Ahmad Dahlan. I met Thesar, TB (he's in the same senior high with me, but I just like never seen him hehe, sorry TB!), Vanz, Tombak, Lambang and Muthia is the only girl that already came.

This is Muthia

Wew, so me and Martha (Hmm, Martha picked me up, then we went to Burger & Grill together) hugged her, awww miss her so badly, and miss rsm so so so badly. Uhm, we were late, sorry you guys! It's so bad that many of us didn't come, like Rio (he said that he didn't have any money), Nada, Desty, and more. After that, Adam and Fadhil came, Haris--boss, Dini and Syifa, and we were waiting for Fiqih, she said she's from Kemang, she said that she will not come if we want to go home earlier and I said that we'll wait for her. Anyway, Fiqih is my chairmate, and she really nice, funny, beauty, and maybe the best chairmate for me! Oh, and I have to admit that Thesar getting more handsome, is it right? Anyone please answer me!! After that, Dinda came, so we took a picture, took a picture and took a picture hehe we were only about ten persons that come, but we made Burger & Grill so crowded with our voice hehehe. Then, when it's about nine or ten o'clock, some of us has to go home first, so we decided to take our last picture together before farewell (Gaah, I hate 'goodbyes'). Oh ya! Angga finally came, and he was late, very very very very late, when some of us already went home, he just arrived. And I have to admit again that Angga is getting more handsome, too. And Martha agreed with what I said, yeah. She said it first, before I realized that they are getting more handsome hahahaha :)

Me, Martha, Haidi, and Thesar!

Meet the girls :p

With Fadhil, the cutest one. Adam's cousin.

Some of us........