Zeke & The Po-Powerpuffffs

hello fellas. how are yoooou?
I'm so sorry, I haven't post about the photo session yet. I kinda busy with the school thingy.
but I promise to all of you guys, I'll post about the photo session as soon as possible.
But now, I'm gonna post about the friday night with my powerpuffs.

So, last night we were attending IMHO at Zeke Khaseli's house.
Zeke Khaseli is a vocalist from a band called Zeke & The Popo, and I love one of their songs called 'Mighty Love'.
We were watching Benyamin Sueb's film, he's the famous comedian in 70's.

Benyamin Sueb's, Drakula Mantu.

And finally, I met Zeke Khaseli!!!!
He's sooooo nice!!

Me & Zeke

We're having a great time.
And we have one video shoot for Zeke's comments about us wiwiwiwi he said we're the alien from somewhere hahaha I'll post about what he said after this one okaaaaaay.