something I did to kill my boredom

I have nothing to do yesterday (before I went to Ditha's house) and when I woke up in the morning... I found that... There's nobody home, My mom went to her office, my dad went to the hospital with my fourth brother, and my third brother went to campus. And I'm alone with nothing to do.
soooooooo, I decided to take some photos.
It just my best shot, I've retouched this photo before huehehe.

I love this one ♥

So, what do you think?

Oh, and I'll post about the photo session at Ditha's house yesterday. It was really fuuuuuun.


Please vote for us!!!

Hey, how are you today fellas?
Hows your holiday?
I hope that everything doing very well.

Still the same, Me and The Powerpuffs still competing in The Body Shop:Think-Act Change 2009. So, We really really need you guys to support us, and vote for our film.

We really appreciated it if you guys willing to free your time about 20 minutes to watch, vote and then give a comment to our film.

Please vote,
A Documentary Film About Violence Against Woman by Anastasia Praditha, Ketty Tressianah & Mia Amalina on The Body Shop Documentary Film Competition : Think-Act-Change 2009.

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Thank you very much for support and vote us!!!

Anastasia Praditha, Ketty Tressianah, Mia Amalina


Old Town.

Old photos at Kota Tua.
It's my favorite pictures.
I've done some retouch for them.


Legolas is my hero ♥

Not much to say. Just a few words.
I have nothing to do, so I decided to post something on my blog.

I just wanna say, "Legolas is definitely my hero ♥ "
I'm getting obsessed with Orlando Bloom, I guess. Because.....that boy.

Some of Legolas quotes :

"You're friends are with you, Aragorn."

"They have feelings, my friend. The elves began it, waking up the trees, teaching them to speak."

"Look at them. They're frightened. You can see it in their eyes."

"We must move on. We cannot linger."

"What about side by side with a friend?"

Mia Amalina, 2009
P.S : Don't forget to vote my film 'Love Then Leave' HERE!

I ♥ Peaches!

Peaches Geldof.
She's pretty. She's cool.
I love her. I love her style.
And I think that she's the coolest socialite ♥

I love this one. Casual. Simple. But totally cool.

...and also this one...
...and this one. I love black stockings/opaque or something like that.
I love the skirt ♥
Peaches's street style

I adore her sooooooooo much.
Oh myy, she's stylish and I love her style.
I ♥ Peaches!!

Mia Amalina, 2009

Paper Quilling Necklace

I made my own d-i-y necklace from unused magazine paper a few hours ago. The results is not bad anyway. And I'm not bought any materials for this one, I'm using everything that already at my house.
So, all the materials that you need is, cutter, double-tape, unused magazine (you can cut the paper with cutter), ruler, and I'm using strap shoes for the necklace.

It's so easy to make this necklace, you just need to cut the paper with different size, like mine, I cutted it with the size, 3cm-8cm.
And then rolled up the paper, and stick it together with double-tape. And put the strap shoes on.

I made the black necklace with the purple strap shoes.
And like I said, the results is not that bad.
Here it is, my paper quilling necklace!

And..... You can make it by yourself, fellas.
Good luck!

Mia Amalina, 2009.



I don't know what to do.
I'm getting bored.
I'm not going anywhere for the past week.
Stay at home and play with the cat, Jacy. He's kind of mad because that I and my brother took him to a doctor to days ago. Hahahaha. After being 'silence' for one and a half days, he's back to the old Jacy. The one who waking up everyone at 6 o'clock in the morning (much better if it's 6, sometimes he woke up at 4 and wake us up,too).
It's kinda weird when he's mad. Hahaha. He didn't even meaaw-ing. We're just like play hide and seek with him, he's the one who hide, and me, my Mom, my Dad, and my Brothers are the people who has to find him.
He's fine noooow :)

Sooooooooooooo, I'd like to make my top 5 songs for this week. The song that accompany me with my boredom this week.
Let's start the countdown!

5. Pictures of you - The Last Goodnight (It's umm, last year song I guess, but I still love to hear it again and again)

4. The Saltwater Room - Owl City

3. I miss you - Ruday (I heard this song everyday when I was on the 9th grade.......and I heard it everyday (again) for the past week)

2. I'll leave my heart behind - Caroline (I'm addicted to this song!)

1. When you love someone - Endah 'n Rhesa

The first time I saw Endah 'n Rhesa on stage it was on PL Fair 2009:Fire Fighters. And I adore their performances. They have a very very good performance on stage, let say....fantastic. And I felt the chemistry between them! I adore your work, Endah 'n Rhesa! And........'when you love someone just be brave to say that you want him to be with you'. It's so touchy (well, at least for me).
That boy. The boy. Who already messed up my mind. Make me jump because he replied my wall. Purple T's boy. Black T's boy. Jeans. Glasses. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy.
He was there, too.....
And I can't even say 'Hello' to him.....

Please vote for us!!!

Please vote,
A Documentary Film About Violence Against Woman by Anastasia Praditha, Ketty Tressianah & Mia Amalina on The Body Shop Documentary Film Competition : Think-Act-Change 2009.

Follow this easy steps.
2. Click 'Watch These Film' --> You can watch our movie here --> LOVE THEN LEAVE
3. There's an option to 'VOTE' , click it
5. Fill in your identity
6. And then VOTE!!

Thank you very much for support and vote us!!!

Anastasia Praditha, Ketty Tressianah, Mia Amalina

The Premiere.

yes yes yes finally this is the post about the 'thing' that made me extremely excited!! hihi. Me and Ketty were arrived at Grand Indonesia about two hours before the premiere begin. So, I had a time to get some food at Hoka-Hoka Bento :) We met Danang (MILV Vocalist, we used his band's song, it's a great song anyway.), Dinda & Ribkha (CCW 2009). After that, we went to Blitz Megaplex, and my heart beats faster and faster. I don't know. Like I said, I'm just pretty excited for this events!

I wore : SatCas Shirt, My Mom's black highwaist-skirt, zebra flat shoes, Aigner Bag.
Ketty : Jeans jumpsuit, T-shirt, and Leopard oxford shoes.

We found Kak Putri when we were took a picture. (No, actually she's found me & Ketty hahahah)

And, you have to know the tallest girl from me & Ketty was wearing HIGH HEELS. I felt shorter there. It's Ditha! But she looked pretty, anyway :)
We were afraid that our lovely Aunty Ita didn't come to watch her movie, but finally she showed up, and looked pretty, too!

Can you see that Ditha is taller than usual? She's wearing high heels! -,-"

And I'm so glaaaaaaaaaaad and appreciated them! Aby, Nindy and her mom, and Dzaky came to support me and vote for my film! Thank yooooooooou so muuuuuch, you guys. I really happy, excited and very glad that you all can come and support me! Thank yoooou!
Aby, Me, Nindy and her mom, Dzaky

And then, we were having a press conference. We met Anthony, from Bandung. And Timoti, which is the film is nominated too, in TAC 2009.

I'm having a great time. Really!!
Before I went home with my mom and brothers, they said that they're hungry. So they bought 'Burger King' and I bought Red Mango. Slurrrp.
I've told you that I'm a Fro-Yo freak, right?
We spent about 30 minutes to search our car.
WHY? Because my mom and both of my brothers forgot where they parked the car. (I went to Grand Indonesia by taxi with Ketty)
Very great. But fun!!


extremely excited for this one!!

Did I have told you before that me and my powepuffs are joining Think-Act-Change 2009 - A Documentary Film Competition that sponsored by The Body Shop?
We were making a film about 'Violence Against Woman'.

Oh, I have to tell you, my documentary film, ‘Love then leave’ got in to the nomination!! And going to be played at the 11th JIFFest 2009!! Oh and I’m really proud of it, I guess it’s really worth for our hard work. Hey, Blossom, Buttercup, did you happy for this thingy? Hihihi *bubbles dancing*.

And you can read the synopsis of 'Love Then Leave' here!

And the premiere is on December 8th, 2009 at Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia. I wish that you all can come and watch my movie, but for this time it’s for invitation only… but it’s cool if you have the invitation, please vote my movie if you like it! Well, yesterday Prambors radio was lending over some invitation for the premiere of ‘Think-Act-Change 2009’ movie for free (by quiz). Did you get one?

Whooa, and thank you very very much to all of the people who have been participated for this movie. I really appreciated it you guys, you all rocks!

Uhm, what should I wear for the premiere?

Oh my gawd, I’m so excited for this event!!

And I need your support for me and the powerpuffs, wish us the best for this thingy!

Love, Mia Amalina.

cheesecake time!

Hey! Me, Luna and Nindy are at Cheesecake Factory right now! We're having a cheesecake time (Uhm, Nindy is having a Tiramisu time). okay so, where the hell is Dzaky? On the way? At school? Or where? Where are you Dzax? We've been waiting for youuuuuuuu!
Oh this is our snapshot!

We're having a great time!! Hihihi and we're still waiting for Dzaky. hahaha. stuck at school, maybe. okaaaay bye fellas, I'm gonna enjoy my strawberry cheesecake :p

Enjoy your cheesecake, fellas!
Mia Amalina.
Monday, December 7th, 2009. 11:42 AM. Cheesecake Factory Barito.



"If you love someone, tell them, because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken."

-TheHeartBox (@TheHeartBox)

This zilla creatures can't say a word. But look! It screams out love from it's deepest heart.
In the real life, this just the same as the girl that not brave enough to say whats on her mind.
Well, I'm a little bit of that kind of person.
Like I said, I don't even know whether he knows my name or not.
Crazy, huh?
Yeah, I think so.
Okay, so.... I'm so speechless to talk about this, for sure.

So maybe I gotta say this,
If I brave enough to say what's on my mind to him, I would say...
"You're special and I like you. You don't have to be mine, I just want you to stand here, beside me."