Mickey & Minnie

My Mickey and My Minnie, thanks for being a lovely talent for this post. I love you both.

Minnie Mouse: Oh, Mickey! When I hear you play that harmonica, my heart sings!
Minnie Mouse: Why don't you play some music for us, Mickey? 
Mickey Mouse: Don't you think you should open your present first? And by the way, what time is it? 
Minnie Mouse: I think it's time to open your present.
[they both open their presents] 

Mickey Mouse: Oh, uh... a case... for my harmonica.
Minnie Mouse: Oh, a chain for my... watch... but I traded my watch to buy you that case. 
Mickey Mouse: And I traded my harmonica to get you that chain for your watch. 
Minnie Mouse: Oh, Mickey. I can't believe you gave up what means the most to you! 
Mickey Mouse: Don't worry, Minnie. You're all the music I'll ever need. 


The original version of my header.

Snowman Markers - Pencil Type


A letter to you...

Celebrating the victory of "Love Then Leave"

We celebrated the victory of our film, Love then Leave, which is the winner of three categories at The Body Shop Documentary Film 2009, yesterday.
At Sunday, February 21st at D'hook Radio Dalam.
We wanted to say thank you very much to our friends who helped us in the process of making this film.
We were just having fun there, the people from KaWanku Magazine gave us some goodie bags, and we were making a quiz and a games for the guest and the winner will get the goodie bags.

and we were watching Love then Leave again and.... We sing!
No, it's not me.
It's the guest.
Our Senpai, Zeke Khaseli, was in a hurry so, he's the first one who sings for us, he sang the song from The Beatles.

Then, Caesar and Danang singing a Naif's song, Itulah Cinta. They are so funnnnnny hahaha they're acting like they're a dating couples, and when they sing this song, they're holding hands hahaha

Here's the pictures of the party :p

I Wore :
Dress : Miss Candy, Lamandau
Bracelet : Yogyakarta, from Ditha
Shoes : Athaya, Lamandau

I am not for sale & stop sex trafficking of children, now!

The Winner!

Hello fellas!
I am really really sorry about the late post.
I've been busy with the school things, and it really freakin' me out.
Hey, do you want to see some pretty girls? hahaha
The pretty girls wore the same color of the dress.
See? We wore black dress, heels and ofcourse, make up.

I kinda amazed how pretty we are on that night.
oh, I forgot to tell you, it was the awarding night of The Body Shop Documentary Film 2009.
at Vertigo, Plaza Semanggi. January 29th, 2010.

Caesar, one of our sources, announcer, MC and also a public figure, came to see us that night, but because he had another job to do, so, he gotta go. but we really appreciated that he can come even though just for a while. And, he's wearing black, too! Cutie!

Before the main events start, we watched a break-dance performance and meet our MC for that night, Cici Panda and Ben Kasyafani. Duo funny and energetic MC. They were so funny and entertaining that night.

Everybody's there said that the powerpuffs looked very pretty and beautiful that night :)

And, seems like the 'paid' for our hard work, our film won for The Best Film on Violence Against Woman!!

The Best Music!!!

Before the winner of the last category been announced, Sherina singing her song.
We were singing along with her.

And then goes to The Best Film of The Year, we were didn't expected that we're gonna win on this category, there's a lot of good film too.
but you know what?!
The Best Film of The Year goes to Love Then Leave!!!!!
Whoooop we are so happy and absolutely proud of ourself.
We brought 3 trophies back hooome whoop whoop

Oh my godddddd, I can't describe how it feels on that night.
We won! We won!
We won 3 categories!
Whooooa! It's definitely cool duuude!
Thanks god for every blessing for us.
Oh maybe this can describe how it feels, we were dancing with Soul ID, and singing along with them. A YEEE OOOO.
I am definitely have fun there.
That night was really the powerpuffs nite!
Just like, aunty Ita said, "We're the winner! Believe it!"

See the happy faces of the girls and our lovely Kak Zoya from KaWanku Magazine!
whoooop 3 trophies!

Uuuuu I'm so proud of you, my girls!
Kiss Kiss, Bubbles.


"Without friends no one would choose to live, though they had all other goods."
--Dana Trenggono