I'm talking about Orlando.

Yes, I'm talking about Orlando Bloom here. I don't know why, I just love his face! As you know, Orlando play the role of Legolas on The Lord of the rings, and this is the first time I saw his face on screen. And I was like, "Oh! He's cute".

Orlando as Legolas

I kinda in love when Orlando has a long hair like Legolas, he looks pretty! and charming, of course.
The pretty and charming, Legolas!

And when I found the DVD's of Pirates of Caribbean, I was just like "Oh, it's a pirates kind of thing." But I decided to watch it. and I'm falling in love with Orlando as Will Turner there, and I also falling in love with Jack Sparrow (I don't know, I just love the way he talks hehe.

Orlando as William Turner

And what I love about Orlando Bloom as Will Turner is... *speechless* I JUST REALLY LOVE WILL TURNER.

He's just like will do everything to save his love, Elizabeth. (and it makes me jealous :p) that's what I see, anyway.

Elizabeth Swann & Will Turner (lovebirds!)

Well, actually I just found out that I only watched The lord of the rings series and Pirates of Caribbean series, and it just two names of film that he played, and I guess I have to watch all of his film. riiiiight?

Oh! And I'm falling in love once again, once again, and once again with Orlando Bloom (or as Legolas or Will Turner!).
and you have to know, that I've found someone that really look-a-like Orlando. First time Ditha saw him, he said that 'he' look-a-like Johnny Depp, and when I take a look at him, and take a look at him once more, I feel like, I already see-ing him long before that time, and TING! He look-a-like Orlandoooooooooo! hahahaha oh well, he is Orlando in Indonesian version, uhm maybe!


  1. He is NN, rite??
    For me, The Orly Indonesian version is IM, still and forever.

  2. yes. NN and IM are the Indonesian version of Orly hahaha I know you might be deny it and say that IM the one who look-a-like Orly. Aaaah. They're both look-a-like Orly