Please vote for us!!!

Hey, how are you today fellas?
Hows your holiday?
I hope that everything doing very well.

Still the same, Me and The Powerpuffs still competing in The Body Shop:Think-Act Change 2009. So, We really really need you guys to support us, and vote for our film.

We really appreciated it if you guys willing to free your time about 20 minutes to watch, vote and then give a comment to our film.

Please vote,
A Documentary Film About Violence Against Woman by Anastasia Praditha, Ketty Tressianah & Mia Amalina on The Body Shop Documentary Film Competition : Think-Act-Change 2009.

Follow this easy steps.
2. Click 'Watch These Film' --> You can watch our movie here --> LOVE THEN LEAVE
3. There's an option to 'VOTE' , click it
5. Fill in your identity
6. And then VOTE!!

We'll be very happy to hear your feedbacks.
Thank you very much for support and vote us!!!

Anastasia Praditha, Ketty Tressianah, Mia Amalina

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