Paper Quilling Necklace

I made my own d-i-y necklace from unused magazine paper a few hours ago. The results is not bad anyway. And I'm not bought any materials for this one, I'm using everything that already at my house.
So, all the materials that you need is, cutter, double-tape, unused magazine (you can cut the paper with cutter), ruler, and I'm using strap shoes for the necklace.

It's so easy to make this necklace, you just need to cut the paper with different size, like mine, I cutted it with the size, 3cm-8cm.
And then rolled up the paper, and stick it together with double-tape. And put the strap shoes on.

I made the black necklace with the purple strap shoes.
And like I said, the results is not that bad.
Here it is, my paper quilling necklace!

And..... You can make it by yourself, fellas.
Good luck!

Mia Amalina, 2009.


  1. The necklace looks great - well done for just using ordinary supplies.

  2. Hi,

    these are stylish necklaces that show off the beauty of quilling, this can be a perfect for a child. Thanks a lot.

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