extremely excited for this one!!

Did I have told you before that me and my powepuffs are joining Think-Act-Change 2009 - A Documentary Film Competition that sponsored by The Body Shop?
We were making a film about 'Violence Against Woman'.

Oh, I have to tell you, my documentary film, ‘Love then leave’ got in to the nomination!! And going to be played at the 11th JIFFest 2009!! Oh and I’m really proud of it, I guess it’s really worth for our hard work. Hey, Blossom, Buttercup, did you happy for this thingy? Hihihi *bubbles dancing*.

And you can read the synopsis of 'Love Then Leave' here!

And the premiere is on December 8th, 2009 at Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia. I wish that you all can come and watch my movie, but for this time it’s for invitation only… but it’s cool if you have the invitation, please vote my movie if you like it! Well, yesterday Prambors radio was lending over some invitation for the premiere of ‘Think-Act-Change 2009’ movie for free (by quiz). Did you get one?

Whooa, and thank you very very much to all of the people who have been participated for this movie. I really appreciated it you guys, you all rocks!

Uhm, what should I wear for the premiere?

Oh my gawd, I’m so excited for this event!!

And I need your support for me and the powerpuffs, wish us the best for this thingy!

Love, Mia Amalina.


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