something I did to kill my boredom

I have nothing to do yesterday (before I went to Ditha's house) and when I woke up in the morning... I found that... There's nobody home, My mom went to her office, my dad went to the hospital with my fourth brother, and my third brother went to campus. And I'm alone with nothing to do.
soooooooo, I decided to take some photos.
It just my best shot, I've retouched this photo before huehehe.

I love this one ♥

So, what do you think?

Oh, and I'll post about the photo session at Ditha's house yesterday. It was really fuuuuuun.


  1. love the photos? what program did u use for editing? is it photoshop? :)

  2. @Sabila Anata : hello, thank yooou!

    @Chika Nydia : yes, I'm using photoshop. Why?