"If you love someone, tell them, because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken."

-TheHeartBox (@TheHeartBox)

This zilla creatures can't say a word. But look! It screams out love from it's deepest heart.
In the real life, this just the same as the girl that not brave enough to say whats on her mind.
Well, I'm a little bit of that kind of person.
Like I said, I don't even know whether he knows my name or not.
Crazy, huh?
Yeah, I think so.
Okay, so.... I'm so speechless to talk about this, for sure.

So maybe I gotta say this,
If I brave enough to say what's on my mind to him, I would say...
"You're special and I like you. You don't have to be mine, I just want you to stand here, beside me."

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