The Premiere.

yes yes yes finally this is the post about the 'thing' that made me extremely excited!! hihi. Me and Ketty were arrived at Grand Indonesia about two hours before the premiere begin. So, I had a time to get some food at Hoka-Hoka Bento :) We met Danang (MILV Vocalist, we used his band's song, it's a great song anyway.), Dinda & Ribkha (CCW 2009). After that, we went to Blitz Megaplex, and my heart beats faster and faster. I don't know. Like I said, I'm just pretty excited for this events!

I wore : SatCas Shirt, My Mom's black highwaist-skirt, zebra flat shoes, Aigner Bag.
Ketty : Jeans jumpsuit, T-shirt, and Leopard oxford shoes.

We found Kak Putri when we were took a picture. (No, actually she's found me & Ketty hahahah)

And, you have to know the tallest girl from me & Ketty was wearing HIGH HEELS. I felt shorter there. It's Ditha! But she looked pretty, anyway :)
We were afraid that our lovely Aunty Ita didn't come to watch her movie, but finally she showed up, and looked pretty, too!

Can you see that Ditha is taller than usual? She's wearing high heels! -,-"

And I'm so glaaaaaaaaaaad and appreciated them! Aby, Nindy and her mom, and Dzaky came to support me and vote for my film! Thank yooooooooou so muuuuuch, you guys. I really happy, excited and very glad that you all can come and support me! Thank yoooou!
Aby, Me, Nindy and her mom, Dzaky

And then, we were having a press conference. We met Anthony, from Bandung. And Timoti, which is the film is nominated too, in TAC 2009.

I'm having a great time. Really!!
Before I went home with my mom and brothers, they said that they're hungry. So they bought 'Burger King' and I bought Red Mango. Slurrrp.
I've told you that I'm a Fro-Yo freak, right?
We spent about 30 minutes to search our car.
WHY? Because my mom and both of my brothers forgot where they parked the car. (I went to Grand Indonesia by taxi with Ketty)
Very great. But fun!!


  1. i promise, next time i will use my heels, at least my wedges. hahaha.

  2. Okay, I'll search for the new (heels) one :P